Monday, July 7, 2008

My Motives

Although the refusal to allow Jodi to be compensated is ridiculous, the real reason members of the family are upset is the fact that Jodi is being replaced as the caregiver. Jodi was a voice for the children. She actually approached those involved with filming/producing and questioned them about things she was concerned about involving the children. Jon and Kate are too busy striking the next deal to even notice.

Jodi made sure that the camera time in her home was limited, so the children could relax and have a break. Her only motive in being involved with the show was to be an advocate for the children. She was the voice of reason. Her home was a calm getaway for the kids. She is a loving, nurturing, caring person, and above all, she is their FAMILY. Now the kids will be watched by a stranger in their own home, with no escape from the filming/"studio". No place to go to take a break.

It's my opinion that their home is their "work" and I can only imagine that it's hard for them to separate the two. They are not playing a part or pretending to be a character on a show. This is their LIFE. Child actors at least know the difference between their "work" and their home. They would leave the set and go HOME. It is two distinct places. Now the only place the children had to go has been taken away from them.

Jodi also voiced her concerns to Kate, and I'm sure Kate didn't appreciate any other opinions. Kate has cut out everyone from their lives who would have a "right" to voice their opinions--people who actually see all of the off camera things that go on. People who see the way these kids are being affected. Maybe she doesn't want to be held accountable to anyone? If many people think what they see on camera is bad, imagine what it's like when the cameras are off. I know some want to believe that they are just choosing the worst things to show on TV, but that isn't the case at all. Sure, there is editing involved, but they can only edit what they are given.

There is NO ONE left to stand up for what's best for these children. The only people they have to get advice from are people who are making money off of them. Their "hired" people don't care about the kids as much as they care about making money. Any advice they receive will be in the interest of the business, not the children.

I'm just heartbroken that the kids have now lost one of the most important people in their lives. Someone who has always put their needs above her own. The only person who was left to be an advocate for the children has been cut off. That is the main reason that I feel compelled to speak out. IMO, keeping quiet will cause more harm than coming forward and bringing these issues to light.