Saturday, October 3, 2009

Team 8

I've seen some discussions about my post from Thursday. I’d like to share what I was thinking when I wrote that.

I find it amazing that when you think things may be hopeless, a series of events take place, all the "stars align", and everything just seems to fall into place. At times, we may think we know what is best or how things should go, and actually lose sight of the bigger picture. I have a very strong faith, and I truly believe that God's timing is perfect. Patience is not easy. Sometimes we don't understand why we have to wait, and then it all starts to make sense. I’m not going to question the timing of Jon’s decision or even his motives. No one knows the private conversations he’s had with his children. Circumstances are constantly changing, and I’m just thankful that he now realizes that as a parent, he still has a say. Jon has every right to question the contract, change his mind, and be involved in decisions that relate to his children. TLC may think they own the family due to some TV contract, but TLC is not a parent of the Gosselin children.

It's easier to see things from a different perspective looking from the outside in. Sometimes it takes getting away from the situation to realize how bad things really have become. Please remember that Jon and Kate are just ordinary people with no experience in the entertainment industry. I firmly believe that TLC took advantage of that innocence, and although it's easy to say what should have been done, when and how, sometimes things aren’t as simple as they may appear. On the other hand, something that may seem to be so complicated and hopeless may actually be very simple after all.

Everyone has an agenda. Each strategic move leads to the next, but if the right people can use what they are given at the right time, everything can change. Each party may not even be aware that they are part of a bigger plan, they may not be doing things for the “right” reasons, but when an opportunity presents itself--that is when it is time to move. Please don’t get too wrapped up in the timing of Jon’s decision or his motives. None of that really matters in the long run, as long as he is able to give the children their privacy back.

I hate to see people fall for the distraction of Team Jon or Team Kate. All of that is just to deflect attention away from what everyone should really be talking about—the children. Momentum is moving in the right direction. I’m hopeful that the discussion will turn to the lack of laws and how detrimental “Reality” TV can be when children are involved. The he said/she said, motives, speculation, conspiracy theories, etc—none of that changes the fact that there aren’t adequate laws to protect ALL children in ALL states who are working in the entertainment industry.