Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Can I Do?

My inbox is being flooded with emails asking, "What Can I do?" It's so encouraging to know that our message is getting out there, and people are realizing that children in reality TV need laws to protect them.

Paul Petersen established the organization A Minor Consideration to support child stars and other child laborers through legislation, family education, and personal intervention and counseling for those in crisis. I'm in contact with Mr. Petersen and asked him where we go from here.

I wanted to share his response, and encourage everyone to join together. Let's keep the momentum going in a positive direction, and help get these laws passed so that ALL children will have protection.

Hi Julie,

I'm proud to say we are the leading advocate for National Legislation (and, if you heard Bob Edwards Show, we're after Pennsylvania, too, for failing to apply their own laws!). You should also know that we're after Octo-Mom and my personal lawsuit will be heard in Superior Court on June 22nd 2009.

Donations for A Minor Consideration...Fed ID: 95-4585623...can be mailed to:
A Minor Consideration
15003 S Denker Avenue
Gardena, CA

We at AMC are well down the road to get National Legislation, but we need all the support we can get...especially from an Army of perfectly normal people who are tired of being lied to and having their televisions filled up with scripted reality shows that want only to exploit children.

Here is my essay from last year warning about the current troubles that bedevil the Gosselin family:

Have people email me at this address. I will read and respond as I have for the past 19 years.

We really and truly are the ONLY national group with credibility and a proven track record in Legislation that has been hammering on this exploitation of working only former kid stars can know...and now a large and growing number of innocent children caught in the maw of so-called reality television.

Tell folks to come to our site...donate if they can...and we'll help them marshall themselves into a potent Army.

We are ALL "mad as Hell," and now that the conspiracy has been uncovered it is time to act.

Both theatrical unions (Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA) have voted unanimously at their national Board meetings to pursue national legislation to protect all children, everywhere.

Let's do this now.

Paul Petersen